Welcome to our website!  I have been with the organization for 24 years as the Executive Director.  I'm married with two great daughters, a son-in-law and two granddaughters.  I was diagnosed with MG when I was 38 years old and I have been in remission for 19 years.  My first years with MG were very bumpy, but eventually we (my doctor and I) got the correct medications for me.  When I was younger I had some of the same concerns that you might be having now. 

Will I see my kids grow up?  I am seeing my daughters grow up, make their way in life and do the things that they love.

Will I see my daughters' children?  One of my daughters is married with two daughters of her own; I am actually watching them grow up. 

Will I always feel like someone threw me under the bus?  In the beginning, there were days when I didn't think I would ever be better, but as the years went by I got better and better every day.  It's important to remember where you started to know how far you've come. 

Will I be able to have a normal life?  I do have what I call a normal life.  I mow nine lawns a week in the summer for older people, I belong to a health club and I visit my family in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota several times a year. 

I'm very passionate about the people that belong to the MGAC organization.  I have been in the shoes that you are now walking in.  It will get better!  If you would like to chat, leave me a message at 303-360-7080 or send me a note.  I will get back to you promptly.

We as MG patients must be proactive in our health care management. You are the one living with MG.