MGAC continually gathers important research about MG and shares the findings with our members through three newsletters a year and special literature. In 1990, we began videotaping our seminars and now make these videos available for purchase. We also inform our members about activities of interest to MG patients and coordinate support groups.

MGAC offers numerous benefits for MG patients and those who care for them. When you join MGAC, you will enjoy the following services, which are EXCLUSIVE to association members:

  • Doctor Referrals in the Denver Metro Area. This private list of doctors is available only to the members of MGAC.
  • Support Group. You must be a member of MGAC to attend our montly support group, and to access information about fellow members.
  • e-Newsletter. You’ll learn the latest information on new medicines and new support groups in your area. You’ll read about people you can relate to and learn from. You’ll gain new information to assist you with your daily living, and much more.

Cost of one-year membership is $30.00.  To join, please send your check or money order along with your application to our mailing address or contact us today.

POB 390083
Denver, CO  80239-1083

Join our organization! There are other people out there that you can talk to about how it's going. We offer help to the member's family and friends as well.