The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Colorado exists to promote a better understanding of the chronic, neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis through:
  • Educational and informational programs
  • Support services to improve the quality of life for MG patients and families
  • Funding of research to ultimately eliminate Myasthenia Gravis
MGA of Colorado accomplishes this mission by providing:
  • Support and Information to MG patients and their families
  • Educational publications on MG
  • Periodic seminars and programs on subjects of interest to MG patients
  • A  newsletter three times a year
  • A monthly support group

The Colorado Chapter of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation was established in October 1973 and operated until June 1987, when it officially surrendered its charter and withdrew its affiliation with the National Myasthenia Gravis Foundation. The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Colorado was formed in June 1987 and has operated from that date until the present.

The Myasthenia Gravis Association is a voluntary association governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and it is administered by a volunteer Executive Director. The association has no paid staff; all officers, directors, and the Executive Director are volunteers. The Association is tax exempt under § 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Meet Marleen, Our Executive Director

Marleen has served MGAC as Executive Director for over 20 years.  An MG patient herself, she understands the needs of our members and works tirelessly to educate and support our constituents.  Get to know Marleen.

Our Board

Sharon Leahy, Chairman
William Johnson, Vice-Chairman
Katie Bernard, Secretary/Treasurer
Roberta Johnson
Susan Hobart
Carolyn Thompson
Ried Turnquist
Teresa Hill-Putnam
Wilma Mitchell
Jim Mitchell
Jim Behanna
B.J. Rugg
Mike Walker
Ken Connell

Life goes forward; make the best of it with the help of family, friends and physicians.